The Unconventional Income Era

Historically we have known only two ways of earnings: Business, and Service. But in this era, those two legacy models have reshaped themselves and there are a lot of other areas to explore. The youth nowadays is looking to make the best use of their passion and creativity along with their conventional careers. This is a long debatable topic and I would like to take you all to different aspects of this from some parts of my life. Lets deep dive into the fight between my brain and my heart.

The Business Scenario:

I grew in the ’90s in a business class family and I saw my father going to office daily and managing his travel agency business. A businessman always has to face unknown challenges and hence he is never sure how much he will earn the next month. The market conditions, purchasing power parity, the competition, etc. plays a lot of role in how he will decide his next step. Times might not always be good, maybe because of the uncertainties my father had seen, he never wanted me to join his business because of the unstable nature and hence always pushed me and my brother to study hard and get a decent job so that we can have a stable and a reliable income source.

A better and stable future by having a Service :

I completed my education and started my career and thankfully now I have what my father always wished for me. To achieve this stable source of income I need to do put in a stable effort. First with education, then graduation and then post-graduation, and after all those 17 – 18 years of working hard, I stepped into the corporate world and got my first pay-check.

That feeling was priceless, but there is a cost that I had paid to get this feeling. I always wanted to do something creative but the thought of a stable and secure future always overpowered my passion. I have seen my family doing business for ages and now after spending 7 years in the corporate world I always think, if there is something I can do to restart what was long left behind but still the thought of a stable and secure future stops me from taking those risks.

While a job gives you a stable income a business can open your way for greater income prospects, although with a risk.

So what do people like me can do?

Should we continue with the stability that comes with a job, or should we give ourselves a chance and take that risk??

Well, the confusion remains..but..

Luckily, we have stepped into an era where income does not necessarily come from these two sources only and we can still do a lot and not let our passion and feelings die.

The Unconventional Sources:

In this age of the Internet, earning options are immense, but we need to find out what fits our passion and relates to our feelings. The freelancing world is booming day by day. YouTube, Blogging are creating a real buzz and people who are good at it are earning hefty money along with following their passions. Social media, affiliate marketing, etc. are helping the youth to create a one to one reach which helps you earn your name as well as money.

Social Media influence is at its best, but what will happen to the upcoming generation. Will they see the legacy model as a stable source, or will they find the unconventional methods as their primary sources?

There are pros and cons l to both, and I am sure that there will be many other sources coming up in the days to come.

I am Happy:

Well, these unconventional sources have helped people like me who always have to find them between passion and profession to get a chance to enjoy the creativity which if not money is at least giving us happiness and we still hold the stable income source for a better future.

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