The Uber Driver

This story will take you on a cab ride and I am hopeful by the time we end the trip; you will have a different perspective. I will give pauses to my story and will speak about the perspective we have created. Let’s hop in for a ride…

I was going to Chennai for a meeting and had a flight to catch. As always, I was running late. Tiiiiing a notification pops up that driver is at the door. I quickly went down the lift and opened the gate and, in my honor, I found the cab waiting outside.

The driver steps down wearing a stainless white shirt, blue jeans, woodland shoes, ray ban shades, and gold chain. He asked me politely to take my luggage and put it in the back. My brain went in a shock for a moment as I never imagined the driver like this. I was expecting a guy someone who will be tired and with a shabby outfit but to my surprise, the driver was wearing better clothes than mine.

<<Perspective 1 :

Why cannot a driver be better dressed than us, why do we always imagine him to be inferior to us? Our mind quickly creates an impression basis for the dressing sense and how the person speaks, and it is just impossible for us to imagine it in a different manner. Why does our brain work like this? Is it just because of our brain or is it that we have become less human towards others >>

The trip started and the curious guy within me wanted to know more about Ravi, the Uber driver. I asked him with a mild tone. Is this your cab. He smiled as if he already knew what I was thinking. Yes, he replied and started sharing his story in a very positive, energetic, and selfless fashion.

Ravi: I was working in a jewelry store as a salesman last year, but the store got closed and they fired us without any notice. I decided that "प्राइवेट नौकरी मे कुछ नही रखा है" and hence I decided to start something of my own. I purchased this cab and registered with Uber. Now I work for myself. I work on my terms and get paid on the amount of effort and energy I put into my job. I initially thought about what society will think and what my parents will feel. But I realized that being a grown-up I will have to make decisions for myself. Neither the society nor my parents are going to help me live my life, I had to start my own and do what I like and feel proud of.

<< Perspective 2:

Before I asked Ravi, I was imagining him as a friend of that driver and maybe because the driver could not make it and hence, he came to pick me up. I also imagined him as someone from a dominating society. All my impressions were based on this outer personality and I have never imagined in my dreams that he is doing this job because he lost his regular job. Our brains are confined in our own social boundaries. His enthusiasm after falling was mind-blowing and his confidence was an inspiration to me that whatever goes wrong, just find your path and start running. >>

Ravi Continued: Sir, you will not believe what happened to me today. The last passenger was shocked to see me too. He thought I am a local cop from his region who is also his neighbor. He told me that I resemble a lot. I will show you the picture as well.

Ravi pulled out his iPhone 6 and showed me the picture which resembles that local cop he was talking about. My brain again took a shock and yes, he did resemble an extent to that local police guy. Ravi started laughing and said, that he should now try to skip toll tax sometime by creating a fake id. He was seriously a bag full of positivity, humor, and energy.

The time just flew, and we reached the airport and I paid him the bill for the taxi. Ravi shook hands with me and told that he enjoyed my company and hoped that he had more and more passengers like me, he would do this job forever. He then went away and left me and my brain for a lot of thinking to be done.

<< Perspective 3: What did I do that made him happy? Well, I realized that I did nothing but listened to him all the time. How powerful and yet simple it is to have a personal connection with someone. You just, have to listen to him and his feelings. We sometimes try to impose our opinions in order to prove our correctness, but the fact is we can gain more trust and love if we just start listening. >>

The Ride has now ended, and I have left out that cab with a different perspective. Let me know with your comments how did you feel about that Cab Ride.

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