Superheros & Sudoku – A Political Drama

Updated: May 18, 2020

The world is in crisis and we need superheroes to lead us away from all confusions, complexity, and uncertainty.

Imagine sitting in your balcony puzzled at the current scenario you see a thunderstorm with some figures emerging from the dust.

Government, Media and Opposition Party – Scavengers Assemble

The 3 bodies were made to help humanity but look like they all are busy playing Sudoku and none of them can break the code. We can see this now in their actions and they are just making all of us more confused.

Can someone please tell them to rather play Ludo so that at least one of them is happy and can do their job with pride and dignity.

Super Hero "The Government" :

The talk of the town is the 20k crore Scheme to make India financially strong and stable. The scheme has provided a lot of support to industries, manufacturers and these all help to boost up the economy, (The Secret of Our Energy) BUT:

* A Relief fund so vast that it needed the explanation in 5 Days. Looks like next the Government will keep a weekly test to check whatever they taught us in the last 5 days is still in our minds or not.

* A Relief fund with so many complex words that you cannot even use Rapidex or Wren & Martin to interpret.

* Post briefing there was a press conference, and a journalist asked, "Why can't you just give some money to poor people's bank account which is the present need?" The answer was "We could have done many things and we have thought on all aspects before implementing this Relief fund" Again, a complex answer to a simple question. 😊

* The 4th Phase of Lockdown implementation itself has become a mystery. It has become like the Board exam result website which is stuck from a long time and you get a constant message "Results will be declared soon"

To Understand the official Statement please prove that you are not a Robot by entering the Captcha :

Super Hero "The Media"

The Media is like the ears and eyes of the nation and its high time now that they should do some specs shopping. E-Commerce business is now open finally.

In the midst of all complex and jumble words from Government, Media is trying hard to break the code and win the Sudoku. They are using all Pictorial representations, graphs, databases, stats to make the public aware of the announcements, but unfortunately, it is not working and hence media has started using a new way of representation.

Twitter statements, # Tags, Official statement clips, Pictures of Gazettes passed. It's like saying, WE QUIT and maybe we need to add up a course on e-learning websites Saying, Break the code – The Government Announcements.

Learn from the Indias best tutors online on how to understand the government statements, Afterall learning should never stop – This way the government can get the weekly tests also conducted 😊

Pubic is investing more time watching Carry Minatis Tik Tok vs You Tubers because at least that is something easy to understand.

But still, the Media is doing something, they are reaching to poor laborers in difficult times when even the government can't reach them and asking "How are you feeling about all this situation?"

Super Hero "The Opposition Party"

There is a never-ending fight between the party in power and the opposition party. Both start their argument with the same statement, "We should keep politics aside and should look at nation's priority and as soon as this statement is over, we are back on action"

Central Government vs State Governments, Our People, Your People, China, India vs Pakistan, Hindu vs Muslim.

It's sad to see that in between all this, the backbone of India is suffering. Our Labourers are walking 100s of km to their homes on bare legs. They are getting killed by trucks. They are been asked to get out of home as they cannot pay their rent. We need real Superheroes now, I guess each one of us should start acting like a superhero now because our backbone is starting to lose hope now.

Once there was a miser businessman. He told his sons, that if you will not eat the dinner, you will each get 10 Rs. Next morning, he told them, those who will give 10 Rs. will get the breakfast – I have written this statement because I wanted to, and it has no connection to anyone. The views expressed in the writeup are of a common millennial, who is trying to understand the political and social scenario amidst the pandemic but is overwhelmed by the situations around

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