Pandemic and Work From Home

Updated: May 12, 2020

Hi Humanoids,

This curious virus named covid19 (featured TikTok name as the corona, with a worldwide 3.5M Subscribers) has brought a lot of change in our lifestyle and has also broken the social stigma in many areas. As a matter of fact, there are lots of positive things happening around us and one of them is the Work from the Home scenario. 💻

Well, this Work from home has really changed the perspective of many people, I being one of them. I will try to take you to the different parts of my life and the changes corona has bought in each sphere.

Materialistic Life:

From the last month, my life is confined between the walls of my room. The longest walk being from my room to the kitchen. My kitchen is now happy seeing me giving frequent visits and the refrigerator is happy that I nowadays know where the bread is 🥖. On the other hand, my distance relationship with the washroom 🛀🏻 has become more intense and now we rarely see each other and, also I have no need for my odor bearers, the Deodrant, and the perfumes in my closet. 🐽

I never needed a proper workstation in my home so nowadays I have taken my niece's study table were in midst of all the complex excel files, I keep on staring the Barbie and Doremon pictures, and suddenly I realize that all these business calls, implementations are nothing but a fairy tale which will have a happy ending by 6 PM, but unfortunately, the fairy tale of corporate characters never ends at 6 PM and even pings in midnight during the most productive time of my day when I am playing PUBG 🔫

Social Life:

My family, parents, security guard, neighbors everyone is amazed to see me wandering on the terrace with earphones and doing video calls throughout the day in crouching heat. Not because I am hardworking, it is because mobile and internet networks are bound to come where you need them the least. 📲📳

Well this way, I am getting to know a lot of people around me and vice versa. Many people are doing walks on the terrace and the balcony. 🏃🏻‍♀️, I hope they know that it’s just a self-satisfaction and nothing in the circumference area is going to change because the next thing you see is the social post coming from those people showcasing homemade sweets and golgapa.

I have become a warrior in the minds of my parents They saw me sitting in front of laptop entire day, exactly at the same spot where they saw me sitting yesterday and the day before. They are seeing me taking calls the entire day and speaking nothing except a few repetitive words like, ok, sure, will get back to you.

They never expected me to do all this hard work and were under the impression that I go to the office only to have free coffee and chit chat with my colleagues. Now they know that what I do and so far, they have not identified the truth and hence I am happy about what they feel.

Virtual Life:

Before the COVID attack, we humans were still living a Matrix life, stuck in our phones between social media platforms. Those platforms have become crazier nowadays.

You start your day and find 130 WhatsApp messages. Looks like people have started sleeping in the daytime and doing social networking during the nights. Memers has become viral and the most beloved creatures as they give us happiness in these tough times.

Media is playing a crucial role in doing what they always did best. India vs Pakistan, Hindu vs Muslim, Rich vs Poor, Modi vs Everyone else in the world. The fact is there is not much content for them because every day is the same, and all stories are the same and unfortunately, they can't make news with Tik-Tok content.

Just the Life:

There is a sense of self-actualization within me. I have revisited my childhood and trying to do what I always wished to do. Some creative sketching, writing ( and I even learned to make a website that also when I scored 20 out of 100 in computers during my school days. I connected with my long-forgotten friends and doing all these things was really satisfying for me and I realized that there is a lot that I can do and feel happy about my life.

I understand my family better, I have friends now, I have my passion with me, and all this is along with the regular Job which I love. I think I have identified myself better during these days and once this COVID is open there will be a different me coming out to the world because now I am not just a regular guy, I am a curious curator.

"I am not a superhero, I am a rejuvenated version of myself"

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