It’s the small things that matter!!

Born and bought up in a small town, city life was always intimidating for me. Those sky-scraping high- rise buildings, roads going towards infinity, malls, showrooms everything was a point of amazement for me as a kid.

While I moved to Gurgaon, and started living on my own, I was a bit skeptical and conscious of many things, one of them was crossing the roads. However simple it may sound for others; it was none less than a nightmare for me. I would try as much as I can to avoid crossing the road or get mixed with the huge crowd to get to the other side, or even take an auto just to reach the other end. All the close friends that I have there, know about this and try their best to make me feel at ease. Nidhi, my close friend always holds my hand, and keeps me on the opposite side from where the vehicles are coming, it is an unsaid understanding between us. Tanya, another dear one once booked a cab so that I could cross the road and reach the point where she was waiting for me.

All in all, I could say I have a phobia of wheels and roads and I feel as if I am destined to be crushed by a vehicle if I cross the road.




Illogical, isn’t it? but then I could not do anything about it and had this huge bubble of fear.

One fine evening, I was returning from a relative’s place via the metro and had to take a cab from Huda City Centre. Now those of you from Gurgoan could relate to the situation of roads during the rainy season and that too in the time when roads were being re-built and the Huda entrance was diverted.

I remember it was around 8:30 in the evening, it was raining heavily, and I couldn’t find a cab. I waited for 40 odd minutes but all in vain. Being an ardent crime patrol viewer, I am very cautious and conscious of my surroundings. I tried reaching my friends to check if they can book one for me, or if anyone is nearby, but couldn’t get a ray of hope. The weather was getting worse, it was around 10 and I was still struggling to find an auto or a cab. I talked to a few auto owners, and they said I will have to cross the road, go to the other end, and then see if I could get any. I was so concerned by then, I told an old auto owner, Uncle, mujhe road cross karni nahi aati, late b hora hai please chod do na

He looked at me, and said, "chaliye!!"

I boarded the auto, just to realize that in a panic I might have revealed my weaknesses to the driver and as I told you Crime Patrol had made me think about various dimensions. I immediately texted my location along with the auto number and details to my closed ones. My thoughts were hampered by uncle’s voice, saying “Meri beti bhi road nahi cross kar pati”

I was a bit hesitant at first, but then we had a very meaningful conversation, on how he is trying really hard, so that her daughter can study well, how he arranged money for her Bank PO coaching, how he wanted his daughter to be self- dependent. I was amazed to see his thought-process and wanted to know more but realized I had reached my destination.




I didn’t have any change with me, so I went to a shop to get the money and I don’t know why I bought a chocolate as well. I gave uncle the fare, along with a chocolate thanking him for dropping me safely.

He looked at me, I could see he had a few tears in his eyes, and surprisingly I had some in mine too!!

So, apparently, this post is not sponsored by Crime Patrol😉 and is not about my road-fear, or about how I made it to my home on that day, this incident although a very simple one, had left a huge impact on me. It made me ponder how very basic things like agreeing to drop someone or giving someone a token of appreciation can mean to the other. Isn't it amazing to realize the power of emotions?

Helen Kellar rightly said, “The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart”

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