Confusion – The New Confirmed

The word confusion has its own beauty, after all, it is a combined effort of our Heart and Brain. Though this word is not seen as a superior reflection of oneself, it is hard to believe that some time Confusion acts as our savior and brings out the best from us.

In this blog, I will try to show a different perspective toward confusion and maybe I should start being confused rather than clear. Confusion can be the new Confirmed.

Thank You Confusion for giving a Vivid Thought Process

Recently my phone screen got shattered and I was in desperate need of a new phone. I did a lot of research on what’s best for me and till date, I am still using that partial broken screen phone just because I am confused

“I will buy a new iPhone 11 “OR “I want to buy an iPhone 11” Both statements might look similar, but they are completely different. Most of us are under the second situation and that’s where the confusion starts. 😕

We start identifying our options, we start analyzing the pros and cons, we start checking reviews and we finally make up our mind. But as you know our mind is extremely notorious, the next day you wake up and you will have a different thought altogether for this purchase. Maybe I should wait for some time, maybe I should rather go for a cheaper option and use this money for a solo trip. Where should I go for the solo trip?

And we start losing the track for our purchase and companies try hard via notification and popups to bring us back on the track and click on the purchase button from our saved carts. 🛒

The above story is a harsh truth but that is not something we should feel worried about. This is how the human brain works and it is important to realize that this confusion has enhanced my knowledge, my interest in technology trends, my realization of my needs and luxury. The process helped me to think from all angles and hence may be confusion was not that bad finally.

Thank You Confusion for making me more Human

I went to my dad asking if I can buy an iPhone and his exact words were “I know you will do whatever you want to do as you have never done what I have asked, so I don’t know if my opinion matters or not for you but it’s good that you asked”.

Till date, I haven’t yet got the answer to my question, but I know that I have buy-in from him at least 😉

Whenever we are clear on our decision, we simply just do it. And maybe everyone is not that happy with those decisions. What if we were confused during those decisions?

Well, If I was confused, I am sure I would have reached out to people and would have shared my thoughts. Those discussions might have given me a different direction or rather a perspective. If nothing would have happened, I would have still managed to make some friends. Asking for some one’s opinion is the best job which you can do for free and gain happiness, respect, and trust.

While you take an Uber ride, just try to talk to the driver and you would immediately realize how happy he is because now there is a Human connection. I have a story on the same with the Name “The Uber Ride”. You should try to read the same in free time and I am sure it will also give you a different perspective.

Thank you Confusion for making me Smile

It’s been 25 days using that partial broken screen phone and I am still confused. Now whenever I think about this topic, I have a smile on my face, not because I am confused, it is because this entire journey and tsunami of thoughts was more of humor rather than confusion

Confusion is mostly related to tension and stress, but it is also a fact that most funny moments happen when one is confused. Remember those days, when you went across the same Janpat wali Gali thrice but could not decide what to buy. That was pure confusion as you are standing In between tons of options and still can’t decide what to buy.

You get to laugh on your ideas, you smile on other’s opinions, you giggle on weird influences and you discuss this entire laughable journey with your friends and family.🤣

“If You are sure, you understand everything that is going on, you are hopelessly confused “

– Walter. F. Mondale

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