Album – The Magical Memory Lane

Every child has some sweet memories of his parent's wedding album. I am sure you would also have the same and in every summer holiday or while having Diwali house cleaning, you would find it and start looking at those pictures.

I was no different, my childhood memories come alive with those heavy albums with sequential card style pages wherein the first page starts with your parent's wedding invitation. Bing bang might be the reason for the existence of humanity, but for me, it was that Album which was giving a direction that after few pages there will be a picture of me as well in that album with weird dresses and hairstyles. We blame kids for playing games like that, dear parents you also did the same with us when we were a kid.

The Parents

My parents used to be so skinny in those pictures, and now when I look at them it is like, “I can’t fit them in those pictures anymore”. My mom used to look so sweet and I was like awwwww, seeing my Dad on the other hand he used to look like “Devanand -a sweet romantic hero”. There is always one “Vidayi” picture which shows a daily soap like a screenplay in front of the eyes.

Well, let our parents enjoy their wedding and we should move to another interesting category of people in those albums.

The Relatives

In normal days we see relatives with various perceptions. We like some, we love some, and interestingly we hate some. Some are family and some are friends and some…are just there and you have always known them with one sentence, “vo jo hamare duur ke rishtedar hai na”

My uncles, my aunts, my cousins, I see all of them in these pictures and there is an expression of amazement as you have never seen them like this. You see them happy, fun, dancing, some relatives are even found in black and white pictures of their childhood days.

Then you find those “duur ke rishtedar” and now you know how they looked at least a few years back. There is now, a face for those names now.

As you now have come half past on the album, you now start seeing your pictures and your childhood memories preserved in those 6" x 6" images.

The Childhood

“My first smile, my first walk, even my first bath” - That album is like the Wikipedia of my childhood. There are Birthday pictures having home-made cakes with decoration and balloons. Then there is one must have pictures of your childhood- the one where you are sitting in bathtub or lying down on the bed without any covered material on your body😊.

That picture has troubled my entire teenage and every time we used to open that album between relatives and family, I used to pray that somehow that page gets skipped. But unfortunately, that never happened. That picture is the most used picture after your matrimony pic in your entire life.

There are pictures when your parents went on a trip to Kashmir, Kolkata, Vaishno Devi, and those pictures are used as a proof and your blockage for teenage travel. Whenever you plan for a trip and ask for your parents’ permission, just remember to try not to use the word that you have not gone anywhere till now.

But….in case you have used that word, the flashback pictures will come as a proof with typical parent’s dialogues like “Abhi zindagi padi hai ghumne ko, bachpan mai kahan kahan nhi ghumaya tumhe deko album utha ke”. And you are like. Dad... I was 5-year-old that time and I didn't even knew the difference between Kashmir and Kolkata at that time.

Well, now we have almost come to the end of our album and there is one must-have section in that album.

The Holi

A festival of colors and sweets and …. The beatings.

Those pictures are like a fun game of identifying your relatives and somehow all ladies of the house are found super active on this day beating their husbands and their friends. You even see, a sudden change of emotions, the folks who were fighting with colors are now standing with trays served with sweets and clicking those pictures together. What a wonderful memory lane this is.

Thanks to Canon and Kodak for preserving our childhood and the era before. Once the album is closed all those memories are preserved in your heart and your brain and there is a sudden sense of belongingness to each of those people you saw and lived the moments.

After a few hours, I am back in my phone looking at the gallery and the Facebook pictures and somehow, I am not able to relate with those pictures. There was magic in those 6X6 images which I now missing in these cloud galleries.

I am now worried about how will our upcoming generation remember us; will they be ever able to connect with us in that same fashion?

May be Yes! or Maybe Not! but I am very sure I need to have an album now. Thank You Album, for keeping my childhood preserved and helping me knowing my family and friends better 😊

“Taking an image, freezing a moment, reveals how rich reality truly is.”

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