A Letter to Myself

Updated: May 20, 2020

You were always there with me,

Even though I never noticed,

You stood strong when I needed support,

You held my hands when I needed assurance,

You smiled at my happiness,

You cried on my tears,

You saved me when I was about to fall,

You inspired me to make the tough call,

You became my wings when I felt caged,

You became the fresh air I always craved,

You became the hands beneath my back,

You became the sound of my head,

You encouraged me, you inspired me,

You scolded me, you supported me,


When I sit and ponder, who you are?



You came and whispered words that felt like paradise,



"I am silent, and yet you insist so I will speak,




I am your own SOUL, who will not be happy until you achieve your true goal !!"

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