The Constant Happiness is Curiosity

- Alice Munro


Abhyudya Sharma

Thinker Curator

A kid at heart, a problem solver, and a happy go, lucky person, he is someone who likes to see the world with his own lens. A firm believer in 'Karma', believes that thinking and working on solutions is far more sensible than worrying about the problems.

A singer, a cartoonist, and an extremely positive person at heart who believes in sharing and spreading smiles..!!


Deepika  Pant

Soulful Curator

A Thinker soul hailing from the hills of Uttarakhand with a philosophy of living life with a purpose. Believes that the world is beautiful because it has vividness in it. This angle of looking things with a different perspective is what binds us with the aim of Curious Curators "A Different perspective"

A thoughtful reader, empowered woman, a bit shy, and a crazy food lover. "A Cup of tea, a pen, and a paper is what makes me complete."